NASHVILLE – Nashville-based Wave Therapeutics has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Veterans Health Administration to develop a wheelchair seat cushion that helps reduce the risk of bedsores.

The Brown County startup will work with the VHA Innovation Ecosystem and the VA Medical Center in Cleveland to design and develop the technology.

Pressure injuries are common in senior citizens, who sit in wheelchairs for extended periods.

“I founded this company after caring for a veteran who was suffering from the worst bedsores I had ever seen,” said Jessica Bussert, company founder and registered nurse. “He was my inspiration and being able to work with Veterans Health to bring this product to their patients is very gratifying.”

Bussert has developed a patent-pending technology that she believes will change the way medical professionals approach this problem, which currently affects over 3 million Americans annually.

She says the smart cushioning technology can address the problem of bedsores, blood clots, and discomfort.

Wave Therapeutics expects to enter the marketplace later this year with the cushion technology. Bussert says it has applications in the healthcare, automotive, airline, military, and consumer markets.

According to Bussert, bedsores cost the US economy over $10 billion each year and kill 60,000 Americans.